The addSMSKeywords function allows you to add an SMS keyword.


If you want to add contacts to an SMS keyword, use addToSMSKeyword. If you want to remove contacts from an SMS keyword, use removeFromSMSKeyword.


writeResult = bApi.addSMSKeywords(smsKeywordObject[] keyword);


Name Type Required Description
name string Yes The name assigned to the SMS keyword.
description string No The description provided for the SMS keyword.
frequencyCap long No The frequency cap represents the maximum number of SMS messages you can send to a person subscribed to the keyword each month. Best practice suggests you set the frequency cap to 30 or less per month. Valid values are 1-30.
confirmationMessage string No The confirmation message set for the SMS keyword. The confirmation message is sent when a user confirms their subscription to the SMS keyword. The text “Txt STOP to <XXXXX> to end, HELP for info. <XX>msg/mo. Msg&Data rate may apply.” will be appended to your message. The confirmationMessage can be a maximum of 83 characters.
messageContent string No The message content set for the SMS keyword. The messageContent will be sent each time a contact texts into the keyword or replies to a message from the keyword. The messageContent can be a maximum of 160 characters.
keywordType string No The type set for the SMS keyword. Valid values are:
  • basic – Basic keywords are non-subscription keywords meant for individual transactions. With basic keywords, a person texts into a keyword and a response is sent back. The interaction ends there. The recipient is not added to a list because they have not agreed to receive future marketing messages from you.
  • subscription – Subscription based keywords require a person to choose to receive SMS messages from you by texting into a given keyword. Contacts who subscribe to a subscription based keyword will be added to a list so that you can send SMS messages to them in the future.
  • text2join – text2join keywords allows you to grow your list by providing a way for potential contacts to text their email address in and automatically be added to one of your lists.