API Errors

This is a list of the SOAP and REST API errors you may receive.

UNKNOWN_ERROR 101 There was an unknown API error. Please try your request again shortly.
INVALID_TOKEN 102 Authentication failed for token: %s
INVALID_SESSION_TOKEN 103 Your session is invalid. Please log in again.
INVALID_ACCESS 104 You do not have valid access for this method.
INVALID_INPUT_ARRAY 105 You must specify at least one item in the input array.
INVALID_PARAMETER 106 Unable to verify parameter %s
INVALID_REQUEST 107 There was an error in your soap request. Please examine the request and try again.
SHARD_OFFLINE 108 The API is currently undergoing maintenance. Please try your request again later.
SITE_INACTIVE 109 This site is currently marked as ‘inactive’
REQUIRED_FIELDS 110 Required fields are missing: %s
UNAUTHORIZED_IP 111 Your IP address does not have access for token %s.
INVALID_FILTER 112 Invalid filter type (must be AND or OR).
READ_ERROR 113 There was an error reading your query results. Please try your request again shortly.
PAGE_SIZE_EXCEEDED 114 Page size exceeds the maximum allowed limit of %d.
PAGE_SIZE_TOO_LOW 115 Page size is lower than the minimum allowed limit of %d.
END_OF_QUERY 116 End of result set.
DEPRECATED_API 117 The API function has been deprecated.
PAGE_SIZE_TOO_SMALL 118 Page size is smaller than the minimum.
SITE_LOCKED 119 This site is currently locked.
INVALID_SITE 120 The site associated with this session is invalid or does not exist.
INACTIVE_TOKEN 121 The API token you provided is inactive.
INVALID_SEND_DATE 201 The send date is invalid.
INVALID_FROM_ADDRESS 202 The ‘from’ email address is invalid.
FATAL_ERROR_SEND 203 Fatal error sending delivery.
INVALID_RECIPIENT_TYPE 204 The recipient type is invalid: %s
INVALID_MESSAGE 205 The delivery message was not found: %s
INVALID_LIST 206 The list for this delivery was not found: %s
INVALID_SEGMENT 207 The segment for this delivery was not found: %s
INVALID_SUBSCRIBER 208 The subscriber for this delivery was not found: %s
NO_RECIPIENTS 209 Your delivery has no recipients.
INVALID_MESSAGE_RULE 210 The message rule is invalid: %s
INVALID_TRANSACTIONAL_SEND 211 Transactional sending is not enabled.
ALLOCATION_EXCEED 212 This operation would exceed your email allocation of %d
INVALID_FROM_NAME 213 The ‘from’ name is invalid.
INVALID_MESSAGE_FIELD 214 Invalid message field: %s
MESSAGE_NOT_TRANSACTIONAL_APPROVED 215 Message not approved for transactional sending: %s
MESSAGE_FIELD_MISSING_POSITION 216 Missing required position in message field name: %s
NONUNIQUE_MESSAGE_FIELD_POSITION 217 Position must be unique in message field name: %s
MESSAGE_NOT_SENDING_APPROVED 218 Message not approved for sending: %s
NOT_FOUND 219 Delivery does not exist: %s
INVALID_THROTTLE 220 Throttle rate must be in range [0, 720] (minutes)
INVALID_REPLYTO_ADDRESS 221 The reply to email address is invalid.
INVALID_STATUS 222 The delivery status was invalid: %s
INVALID_KEYWORD 223 The SMS keyword for this delivery was not found: %s
SENDING_TRIGGERED_TO_TRANSACTIONAL 224 A transactional contact cannot be sent triggered messages.
INVALID_DELIVERY_STATUS 225 Delivery status is not a valid option
INVALID_REMAIL 226 The remailObject is invalid.
REMAIL_NOT_ALLOWED 227 You cannot schedule a remail for a single send.
INVALID_DELIVERY_TYPE 228 The delivery type is invalid.
INVALID_CART_ID 229 Invalid Cart ID.
INVALID_ORDER_ID 230 Invalid Order ID.
BOTH_CART_AND_ORDER 231 Cannot assign both ‘cartId’ and ‘orderId’.
CART_OR_ORDER_ON_BULK 232 Cart and Order IDs are only supported on single sends.
UNKNOWN_CART_ID 233 The Cart ID is not recognized.
UNKNOWN_ORDER_ID 234 The Order ID provided is not recognized.
MESSAGE_CONTENT_NOT_FOUND 235 No message content was found for the message.
MESSAGE_FIELD_TOO_LARGE 236 Message field is over 1 MB in size.
MESSAGE_FIELD_INVALID_TYPE 237 Message field given an invalid type.
DUPLICATE_BULK_DELIVERY 240 Cannot send the same message to the same recipients at the same time more than once.
TOO_MANY_PRODUCTS 241 Too many products.
PRODUCT_PLACEHOLDER_MISSING 242 Product placeholder is missing.
PRODUCT_ID_MISSING 243 Product id for placeholder X is missing.
PRODUCT_PLACEHOLDER_TOO_LONG 244 Product placeholder X is too long.
PRODUCT_ID_TOO_LONG 245 Product id for placeholder X is too long.
PRODUCT_IS_NULL 246 Product cannot be null.
INVALID_REQUEST 301 Invalid request: %s
NOT_FOUND 302 Contact does not exist: %s
INVALID_EMAIL 303 Invalid email address: %s
INVALID_STATUS 304 Invalid status: %s
ALREADY_EXISTS 305 Contact already exists: %s
INVALID_FIELD 306 Invalid field attributes.
INVALID_MESSAGE_PREF 307 Invalid message preference: %s
ALLOCATION_EXCEED 308 This operation would exceed your contact allocation of %d
INVALID_LIST 309 The specified list is invalid: %s
INVALID_SEGMENT 310 The specified segment is invalid: %s
MAX_SEARCH_ITEMS_EXCEEDED 311 The maximum number of contact search items was exceeded (%s).
MAX_SEARCH_LISTS_EXCEEDED 312 The maximum number of contact search lists was exceeded (%s).
MAX_SEARCH_SEGMENTS_EXCEEDED 313 The maximum number of contact search segments was exceeded (%s).
EMAIL_ALREADY_EXISTS 314 Email address already exists on another contact.
EMAIL_SUPPRESSED 315 Email address is on suppression list.
FIELD_DOES_NOT_EXIST 316 The specified field does not exist (%s)
INVALID_EMAIL_LENGTH 317 Email address cannot exceed 100 characters in length: %s
MOBILE_ALREADY_EXISTS 318 Mobile number already exists on another contact.
INVALID_MOBILE 319 Invalid mobile number: %s
MISSING_EMAIL_AND_MOBILE 320 Email address or mobile number is required.
MOBILE_FAILED_TO_UPDATE 321 Subscriber was updated, mobile number update failed. (eId=%s, mobile number = %s)
MOBILE_CONTACT_ADD_PARTIAL_FAIL 322 Subscriber was added but mobile number add failed. (eId=%s, mobile number = %s)
MOBILE_ONLY_CONTACT_ADD_PARTIAL_FAIL 323 Failed to fully rollback failed insert for mobile only subscriber,” + “empty subscriber with eId=%s exists. (mobile number was %s)
SMS_KEYWORD_INVALID 324 Keyword %s is not a valid keyword. Please make sure you have added it to your account.
SMS_KEYWORD_NO_MOBILE_NUMBER 325 Cannot add a contact with SMS keywords that has an empty mobile number
SMS_NOT_ENABLED_ON_SITE 326 Cannot add contacts with a keyword until SMS has been enabled for your site
CONTACT_WAS_DELETED 328 Contact was deleted and must be re-added before being updated: %s
INVALID_KEYWORD 329 The specified SMS keyword is invalid: %s
SUBSCRIBER_UPDATE_FAILED 331 There was an unknown API error. Please try your request again shortly.
INVALID_FIELD 401 The specified field was invalid.
ALREADY_EXISTS 402 A field with this name already exists.
INVALID_DISPLAY 403 The specified field type was invalid: %s
INVALID_NAME 404 The field name was missing or invalid.
INVALID_VISIBILITY 405 The specified field visibility was invalid.
ALLOCATION_EXCEED 408 This operation would exceed your field allocation of %d.
INVALID_FIELD_VALUE 409 The value specified for the field ‘%s’ was invalid.
DATA_TRUNCATION 410 The value specified for the field ‘%s’ was too large.
SEGMENT_DEPENDENCY 411 Field ‘%s’ cannot be deleted because a segment depends upon it.
DELETION_FAILURE 412 Field ‘%s’ could not be deleted.
FIELD_USED_BY_WORKFLOW 414 Cannot delete field because it is being referenced by workflow(s): %s
INVALID_LIST 501 The specified mail list was invalid
ALREADY_EXISTS 502 A list with this name already exists.
LIST_IS_SEGMENTED 503 This list is associated with segments.
LIST_HAS_AUTOMATORS 504 This list is associated with message rules.
LIST_HAS_DELIVERIES 505 This list is associated with deliveries.
ALREADY_ON_LIST 506 Contact is already on the list: %s
MAX_CONTACTS_EXCEEDED 507 A max of 5000 contacts may be added to a list in a single call: %s were specified
NO_CONTACTS_SPECIFIED 508 No contacts were specified.
LABEL_LENGTH_EXCEEDED 509 Label must not exceed %s characters in length.
NAME_LENGTH_EXCEEDED 510 Name must not exceed %s characters in length.
LIST_USED_BY_WORKFLOW 511 Cannot delete list because it is being referenced by workflow(s): %s
INVALID_FOLDER_ID 601 The folder id is invalid.
INVALID_FOLDER_NAME 602 The folder name is invalid: %s
INVALID_MESSAGEGROUP 603 The specified message is invalid.
INVALID_AUTOMATOR 604 The specified automator is invalid.
INVALID_SOURCE_TEMPLATE 605 Invalid message from template: %s
INVALID_CONTENT 606 You must specify message content
INVALID_TYPE 607 Message content type must be either ‘text’ or ‘html’.
INVALID_SUBJECT 608 You must specify a message subject.
INVALID_DYNAMIC_CONTENT 609 The message’s dynamic content is invalid.
INVALID_AUTOMATOR_NAME 610 The message rule name is invalid.
INVALID_AUTOMATOR_TYPE 611 The message rule type is invalid.
INVALID_AUTOMATOR_STATUS 612 The message rule status is invalid.
AUTOMATOR_EXISTS 613 A message rule with this name already exists: %s
FOLDER_EXISTS 614 A folder with this name already exists: %s
MESSAGE_EXISTS 615 A message with this name already exists: %s
INVALID_NAME 616 You must specify a message name
MESSAGE_USED_BY_WORKFLOW 617 Cannot delete message because it is being referenced by workflow(s): %s
INVALID_MESSAGE_FIELD_LENGTH 619 The message has an invalid API message tag. %s is greater than the %s character limit allowed for API message tags.
INVALID_MESSAGE_FIELD_CASE 620 The message has an invalid API message tag. You must use consistent capitalization for API message tags that have the same name. %s and %s are not the same.

The message has an invalid tag. The tag that starts with %s is not correctly formatted.

EMPTY_TAG 622 The message has an empty tag which means there is a tag missing text between the opening and closing %%.
INVALID_SITE 701 The account is invalid.
DUPLICATE_SITE 702 There is already an account with the name: %s
INVALID_TOKEN 703 The API token was invalid.
INVALID_TOKEN_SITE 704 The account specified for the token was invalid: %s
INVALID_TOKEN_NAME 705 The name specified for the token was invalid: %s
Delivery Groups
INVALID_DELIVERYGROUP 801 The specified delivery group was invalid.
DELIVERYGROUP_NO_ID 802 No ID provided for delivery group.
DELIVERYGROUP_DOES_NOT_EXIST 803 Specified delivery group (id=%s) does not exist.
DELIVERYGROUP_ADD_FAIL 804 Failed to add delivery group.
DELIVERYGROUP_LIST_FAIL 805 Failed to list %s for delivery group (id=%s).

Failed to find %s with id=%s in delivery group.

NOTE: %s is replaced by the type of item you were searching for in the delivery group (message rule, delivery, or message)


Failed to find %s in delivery group.

NOTE: %s is replaced by the type of item you were searching for in the delivery group (message rule, delivery, or message)

DELIVERYGROUP_DELETE_FAIL 808 Failed to remove delivery group.
DELIVERYGROUP_ADD_MEMBER_FAIL 809 Failed to add one or more elements to delivery group.
DELIVERYGROUP_DELETE_MEMBER_FAIL 810 Failed to remove element from delivery group.
DELIVERYGROUP_SEARCH_FAIL 811 Search failed for query=%s.
DELIVERYGROUP_UPDATE_FAIL 812 Failed to update delivery group.
DELIVERYGROUP_CREATED_ADD_MEMBER_FAIL 813 Created delivery group but failed to add one or more elements to it
DELIVERYGROUP_ADD_MEMBER_FAIL_BECAUSE_NULL 814 A delivery group object must be provided.
DUPLICATE_ORDER 901 Duplicate Order Id: %s.
MISSING_AMOUNT 902 Missing required field: amount.
MISSING_QUANTITY 903 Missing required field: quantity.
INVALID_TID_HASH 904 Invalid tid hash.
INVALID_TID 905 Invalid tid. Invalid field(s) in tid: %s.
ADD_UPDATE_FAILURE 906 There was a problem calling addOrUpdateOrders. Please try again.
ID_NOT_PRESENT 907 Order ID must be present when calling addOrUpdateOrders
INVALID_SEGMENT_ID 908 The segment ID is not valid. Please try again.
INVALID_AUTOMATOR_ID 909 The automator ID is not valid. Please try again.
INVALID_LIST_ID 910 The list ID is not valid. Please try again.
INVALID_DELIVERY_ID 911 The delivery ID is not valid. Please try again.
INVALID_CONTACT_ID 912 The contact ID is not valid. Please try again.
SITE_DOES_NOT_MATCH_COOKIE 913 The cookie is not valid for this site. Please try again.
USERNAME_IN_USE 1001 User name in use. Please choose another.
INVALID_USERNAME 1002 User names must be 5+ alphanumeric characters including underscores but cannot begin with an underscore.
SITE_DELETED 1003 Cannot add or update logins to sites marked for deletion.
USERNAME_NOT_FOUND 1004 Cannot find login by that name.
USERNAME_USED_BY_OTHER_COMPANY 1005 Cannot modify a login that is associated with a different company.
CANT_DELETE_COMPANY_USER 1006 Cannot delete a login that is attached to the company.
CANNOT_DELETE_ADMINS 1007 Cannot delete logins with administrator rights.
CONTACTINFO_REQUIRED 1008 You must include contact information when adding sub accounts.
CONTACTINFO_MISSING 1009 You must include first name, last name, email, & phone in the contact information for a new login.
INVALID_EMAIL 1010 Invalid email address in the contact information.
INVALID_COUNTRY 1011 Invalid country code set in the contact information.
WORKFLOW_NO_ID 1101 No ID provided for workflow.
WORKFLOW_DOES_NOT_EXIST 1102 Specified workflow (id=%s) does not exist.
WORKFLOW_SEARCH_FAIL 1103 Search failed for query=%s.
WORKFLOW_ADD_FAIL 1104 Failed to add workflow.
WORKFLOW_DELETE_FAIL 1105 Failed to remove workflow
WORKFLOW_UPDATE_FAIL 1106 Failed to update workflow
WORKFLOW_LIST_FAIL 1107 Listing all workflows failed
CONTACT_ADD_FAIL 1108 Adding contacts to workflow failed.
MAX_CONTACTS_EXCEEDED 1109 A max of 5000 contacts may be added to a workflow in a single call: %s were specified
NO_CONTACTS_SPECIFIED 1110 No contacts were specified
WORKFLOW_NO_KEYWORD 1111 No keyword provided
INVALID_START_DATE 1201 Start date is invalid: %s
INVALID_ACTIVITY_TYPE 1202 Invalid Activity types: %s
INVALID_SIZE 1203 Activity size is invalid: %s
Delivery Recipient Stat Object
INVALID_DELIVERYID 1301 The deliveryId (%s) was invalid.
MISSING_STATS 1302 Unable to find stats for delivery target %s.
INVALID_CONTACTID 1303 The contactId (%s) was invalid.
INVALID_LISTID 1304 The listId (%s) was invalid.
INVALID_SEGMENTID 1305 The segmentId (%s) was invalid.
Header/Footer Object
INVALID_HEADER_FOOTER 1401 The header or footer specified is invalid.
INVALID_HTML 1402 You must specify HTML content.
INVALID_TEXT 1403 You must specify TEXT content.
ALREADY_EXISTS 1404 A header or footer with this name already exists.
SMS Delivery Object
MUST_PROVIDE_KEYWORD_FOR_CONTACT_SEND 1500 Contact must be subscribed to at least one of the keyword ids provided
MUST_PROVIDE_MESSAGE_ID 1501 Message ID cannot be empty.
MUST_PROVIDE_START_DATE 1502 Start date must be specified.
MUST_PROVIDE_RECIPIENTS 1503 Must provide recipients for the SMS delivery.
INCOMPLETE_MESSAGE_FIELD 1504 A field was provided without both the messageFieldId and value specified.
FAILED_TO_SEND 1505 We were unable to add the SMS delivery. Please try again.
ALLOCATION_EXCEED 1506 This operation would exceed your SMS allocation of %d.
MUST_BE_TRANSACTIONAL 1507 Contact sends must me marked as ‘transaction’ for the deliveryType.
Content Tag Object
INVALID_CONTENTTAG 1601 The content tag specified is invalid
MISSING_NAME 1602 You must specify a name
NAME_TOO_LONG 1603 Name must be 100 characters or less
INVALID_VALUE 1604 Tag value cannot contain another content tag
ALREADY_EXISTS 1605 A content tag with this name already exists
SMS Keyword Object
KEYWORD_USED_BY_WORKFLOW 1716 Cannot delete SMS keyword because it is being referenced by workflow(s): %s
SMS Message Object
MESSAGE_USED_BY_WORKFLOW 1806 Cannot delete SMS message because it is being referenced by workflow(s): %s