December 2015

All of the new features that were released in December 2015.

The week of 12/7/2015 Bronto:

  • Expanded the character limit for workflow node labels to 65 character.
  • Updated the Send Email workflow node so that you can now see a preview of the message that will be sent when you mouse over the node label.
  • Added the External ID (API) as an optional column in the Search Contacts grid.
  • Updated the way dynamic container content works in the message editor. Now when you make a container dynamic, the content currently in the container is automatically copied into the second dynamic content rule. See step 15 for more information.
  • Added the ability to insert tags into the subject line of a message using the email editor. See step 8 for more information.
  • Updated the Cart Is Abandoned Trigger Node to include a delay based on when a contact last placed their order. See step 4 for more information.
  • Updated SMS messaging to include the ability to use product tags in SMS messages.
  • Added a new Cart/Order Field Comparison Node that users of New Order Service can use in workflows to send contacts down different workflow paths based on specified cart or order fields.

The week of 12/14/2015 Bronto:

  • Updated the rules for dynamic content in the message editor so that a default All Others rule is always created when you make a container dynamic. Any contacts who receive an email but do not fit into any of the other dynamic rules you defined will receive the version of the email associated with the All Others rule.
  • Added the ability to include tags in links.
  • Added new segment templates that can be used to quickly create and configure new segments.
  • Added new workflow templates that can be copied to quickly create and configure workflows.