Workflow Action Nodes

Action nodes represent nodes that perform an action when a contact reaches them in a workflow.

An action node might send email, update field information, or change a contact's list membership. A workflow can have multiple action nodes.

When you create your workflow, you may need to use the same type of filter node with the same criteria multiple times. When this happens, you should have a separate action node that pairs with each filter node, even if both filter nodes lead to taking the same action. You should never connect two identical filter nodes to one action node.

For example, you may have two different filter nodes that each check for the value of a contact field. Both filter nodes then feed into separate child filter nodes that check which segment a contact is on. If your contact is on the matching segment, then you want to add them to a specific list. In this scenario, you would have both segment filter nodes feed into their own child action node that changes list membership. You would not have the parent filter nodes feed into the same action node.

This table describes all possible action nodes and provides links to the topics for using each individual node.

Node Name Description Example
Change Contact Field Changes the value in a contact's field to either a specific value, or a value from a previous node's content. If you send a customer a coupon code that can only be used once after they subscribe, you can use this node mark that action as complete and prevent a contact from being able unsubscribe and subscribe again to get a new coupon.
Change Contact Status Updates a contact's status to Unsubscribed or Unconfirmed. You can use this node to unsubscribe a contact from your account after a failed re-engagement campaign or to set a contact as Unconfirmed if they should confirm their subscription.
Delay Delays a contact from moving to the next node in the workflow for a specific period of time.

If you send contacts a message that includes a request to complete a webform, you'll want to use a Delay node to give them a set amount of time to fill out the webform before you send them a second request.

Change List Membership Adds or removes a contact from a list. If a contact is on a welcome series list, you can use this node to exclude them from promotional content series lists.
Send Email Sends an email to a contact when they reach this node in a workflow. Use this node to send an email to your contact.
Change Contact Email Address Adds an email address to a contact record. If a contact sends their email address in an SMS message, you can use this node add their email address to their data. Once the email is added, your contact will have an onboarding status. If their email address already exists in your account, the SMS record and the email record are merged.
Post To Twitter Posts a Twitter message to a specific Twitter account you have integrated with. You can use this node to automate sending tweets from your account.
Send SMS Sends an SMS message to a contact. Use this node to send contacts an SMS message, as part of a welcome series, or when their order is shipped.
Stop SMS Session Terminates a keyword session associated with the workflow. Stop reading their responses. terminate the session in the workflow
Remove From SMS Keyword Removes a contact from the keyword associated with the workflow. Use this node to remove a contact from an SMS keyword.
Move To Workflow Adds a contact on the current workflow to a different workflow. Use this node when you have a set of actions that you repeatedly perform across several workflows so that you only have to update the set of actions once. The workflow that your contact moves to must have the Moved From Workflow.