Workflow Builder

The workflow builder is the canvas you use to connect and configure nodes in order to create and edit workflows.

The workflow builder is comprised of four main parts:

  • The canvas
  • Nodes
  • Node settings
  • Node connections
A node is a collection of settings that control a particular aspect of a workflow. There are three kinds of nodes used in workflows:
  • Triggers: Triggers nodes represent events that occur in your account which kickoff (or start) a workflow.
  • Filters: Filter nodes allow you to alter a workflow based on whether certain events or actions occur.
  • Actions: Action nodes represent nodes that perform an action (send email, update field information, change list membership, etc.) when a contact reaches them in a workflow.

The basic premise for building a workflow is:

  1. Drag nodes on to the canvas.

    Dragging Workflow Nodes

    Note: All workflows must begin with a Trigger node and can only contain one Trigger node.
  2. Draw connections between each node.

    Connected Nodes

  3. Specify the settings for each node.

    Choosing Node Properties

  4. Test the workflow.
  5. Activate the workflow.