Guide Me on Webforms

Webforms give you a powerful way to collect information from contacts and allow your contacts to easily manage their preferences.

The most common type of webform is a Manage Preferences form. Every email sent from Bronto use contain either a link to a Manage Preferences or Unsubscribe webform so contacts can opt-out of receiving marketing messages.

Webforms are also a great tool for data collection. Effective contact data collection begins with a well-placed webform. Start with a webform on your home page. Make sure that it stands out, clearly specifies the nature of your communication, and allows for quick and easy registration. Also, make sure to put links to webforms in your newsletter. This way, if your contacts forward the message to a friend, the friend has the opportunity to join your mailing list.

Create a Webform

This four-minute video covers how to create a basic webform.

Types of Webforms

Learn about different types of webforms.

Create a Simple Add Contacts Webform

This four-minute video covers how to create a simple form to collect email addresses.

Customize the Manage Preferences Webform

This four-minute video covers how to customize the manage preferences webform type.

Teach Me How to Use an Unsubscribe Webform

The unsubscribe webform type gives your contacts an easy way to unsubscribe from receiving marketing emails. When a contact unsubscribes, they will be assigned the contact status Unsubscribed.

Embed a Webform

This one-minute video covers how to embed a webform on your site.

Set a Default Webform

Learn how to set a default webform.