How Contacts Can Request To Be Unsubscribed

There are several ways Bronto contacts can request to be unsubscribed.

Direct email from subscriber to abuse@, postmaster@,

Bronto contacts can email Bronto directly to request we remove them from your marketing list. Email addresses contacts can send a request to include,, and When we receive this request we will:
  1. Access your account and find the contact using the Bronto platform.
  2. Click on the Unsubscribe button associated with the contact record.
This updates the contact’s status to Unsubscribed. The contact is not notified by Bronto, unless they requested a confirmation.

This is an administration function that you can also perform.

Requests from IP address provider

Bronto contacts can write in to our IP address host provider asking to be removed from your email marketing list. The host provider sends an email to the Bronto deliverability team notifying us of the complaint. The email contains either the actual complaint email or just the contact’s email address and the organization that sent to them.

Bronto unsubscribes the contact and sends a confirmation to the host provider that the contact was unsubscribed. The host provider also creates their own internal tickets for this communication/interaction with Bronto and the contact.

Formal complaints from unsubscribe webforms or filing a formal complaint

When contacts click the unsubscribe link in an email, an unsubscribe webform opens. On the unsubscribe confirmation page, contacts are provided a formal complaint link. If they click this link, they can enter a complaint in a text box. Typically contacts will say that they have asked to be unsubscribed but they weren’t removed from the subscription.

When we receive a formal complaint, we will check if the contact has unsubscribed status. If they don't, we unsubscribe the contact using the Admin page.

Alert from ISP

ISPs, such as AOL, UOL, Yahoo, and Comcast, may send us a direct complaint from a Bronto contact. Typically,these are handled via the ISP Feed Back Loop program, however ISPs can also send complaints directly to Bronto at

These complaints include the original marketing email. Bronto clicks on the unsubscribe link within the email to unsubscribe the contact. There is no confirmation sent back to the requesting ISP.