SMS Short Code

An SMS short code is a numerical identifier for your SMS messages. Your SMS short code allows the message recipient to identify you as the sender.

You can view your short code by going to Settings > Platform Settings > SMS Settings.

Bronto provides a default "shared" SMS short code that all Bronto marketers can use. The shared short code is specific to each country. For example, the default code in the United States and Canada is 33233, and the default code in the United Kingdom is 63233.

When you send an SMS with the shared short code, your message appears to your contacts in the same thread as other accounts. Accounts with a shared short code cannot use the same keywords, which can limit the availability of keywords that you would like to use.

You can also choose a private "dedicated" short code. Your SMS messages with a dedicated short code appear in a private thread. Accounts with a dedicated short code can choose any keywords they wish to use.

To get a dedicated short code, contact your Account Manager.

To help you decide whether to use a shared or dedicated short code, see Choosing a Shared or Dedicated Short Code.