Cart and Order Tags

Cart and order tags allow you to dynamically add shopping cart or order data to your messages.

Important: This topic only applies to you if you pass cart or order data from your site into Bronto.

After Bronto has captured cart and/or order data from your site, you can use that data in emails to send targeted messages to your contacts. You have the options of:

When creating a new message you can Add Tags Using The Message Editor and Adding A Cart/Order Loop In The Email Message Editor. If you're updating an old message using the WYSIWYG editor, you can add the tag by typing the tag syntax directly into the message in the WYSIWYG editor.

You must use a workflow that is triggered by the Cart Is Abandoned, the Order Is Added, or the Order Is Shipped node in order to successfully send a message that contains cart and order tags. These workflows allow Bronto to identify the appropriate cart/order data for a contact in order to replace the tag with real content targeted to the contact.