Guide Me on Sending a Message

When it comes time to send an email message, you will need to set the parameters that define how, when, from whom, and to whom the email message will be sent.

Before you send a message

Before you can send a message, you need to set the Default Sender Options in Bronto that will be used each time your account sends an email, unless you specify different sender options when you schedule the message.

Send a Message

After you have configured your default sender options and have created a message to send, you need to send it. Learn how to send a test message and a message to contacts.

Stop a Delivery

Sometimes you have a message that is scheduled to be sent, but for some reason, you need to hold it. Learn how to stop a delivery of a message.

Remail Messages

This video shows you how to enable remailing so that you can send follow up emails to contacts as a reminder or to persuade them to continue along the conversion process.

Manage Email Replies

Email replies are emails sent from your contacts in response to email messages you send them. This guide walks you through the sections of the Email Replies page.