Platform Configuration

Note: Only users with administrator privileges can perform the following platform configurations.

Platform Security Settings

The following security settings are accessible from the main menu under Settings:
  • Login Security lets you define login parameters, such as the maximum number of invalid login attempts.
  • Password Security lets you define password settings and requirements. If necessary, you can also expire all user passwords immediately.
  • Session Security lets you determine the time limit for inactive sessions and lets you prevent cross-network sessions.
Note: By default, all user sessions are made secure with Transport Layer Security.

Sending Domain

By default, Bronto sends emails from the domain Alternatively, you can use a private domain to send email messages. If you choose to use a private domain, you can increase the security of the domain by hosting an SSL certificate with Bronto. SSL certificates ensure fully encrypted communications.
Note: If you use a private domain and want to host a Bronto webform on your site, you must host an SSL certificate with Bronto.

Network Access

You can prevent users from logging in to Bronto from unknown networks by defining a set of allowed IP addresses.

Content Security Policies

Use Content Security Policies to declare which dynamic resources are allowed to load on your page. Bronto provides several templates for implementing CSPs, including options for accounts that require more security.