Legacy Report Downloads Page

The Report Downloads page is where you can access and download reports you have run or reports related to your contact import activity. You can access this page by going to Reports > Legacy Downloads.

Four tables with different report types appear on this page:
  • Email and Details Contacts Exports: can include any type of report that can be downloaded such as message or delivery reports.
  • Contact Export Report Downloads: contains a list of reports that are automatically run when a contact export completes.
  • Contact Import Report Downloads: contains a list of reports that are automatically run when a contact import completes.
  • Consent Records Export: contains consent records for site contacts (opt-in/opt-out date, status, IP address, source, etc.).

To view a report, click on the name of a report to download it, then open the file you downloaded.

Each type of report is kept on the report downloads page for the duration of your data retention period. The Expires field lets you know when each individual report is going to be deleted from Bronto. To permanently archive a report, click the name of the report to download it.

The fields in the tables are defined below. The first table only has a subset of these fields (Report Name, Size, Created At, Expires).

Field Description
Report Name You can click the report name to download the report.
Type Import action request type. Either:
    • Add and Update: Request to Update existing contacts, Add new contacts.
    • Add: Request to Add new contacts.
    • Update: Request to Update existing contacts.
    • Unsubscribe new and existing: Request to Unsubscribe both new and existing contacts.
    • Unsubscribe existing: Request to Unsubscribe only existing contacts.
    • Remove: Request to Remove existing contacts.
Origin How the import was requested. Either:
  • Manual Import: The file import was triggered using the Bronto platform.
  • Direct Import: The file import was triggered by a direct import request.
Character Set Selected Character set option that was specified as part of the import process. Selecting the incorrect character set can frequently be the cause of import issues, so this is a good place to start your investigation if your import has a lot of errors. For more information see Contact Import Character Sets.
User Login name associated with the user who triggered the import. If Not Available is displayed, then Bronto was unable to determine the login associated with the import.
Size Size the downloaded file will be.
Created At Date and time the report was created. This is when your contact import completed.
Expires Date and time the report will be deleted from Bronto based on your data retention policy.