Email Performance Report

The Email Performance report provides site-level metrics for all deliveries of all emails in your account.

The report includes metrics for all email deliveries that have been sent since New Reports was enabled in your account. This means that when the report is set to All Time, the email performance metrics displayed do not include metrics collected by the legacy reporting system or SMS, Facebook, or Twitter metrics.

You can access the email performance report by going to Reports > Email Performance.

Email Performance Report

When you open the report, the Overview tab is displayed. You can click the different tabs above the report content (Deliverability, Opens, Clicks, etc.) to view detailed metrics about that area. For example, if you click Devices you will see a breakdown of engagement by device.

By default, the report is set to show:
  • All Time metrics, which means everything since Bronto started collecting New Report metrics for your account. Narrow the time scope of the report by clicking the calendar Calendar Icon icon and setting a time range. This can be as general as filtering to see metrics for the previous quarter or as specific as filtering the range down to between two dates that you specify.
  • Order metrics related to the default currency that you've set for your Bronto account. If you operate a multi-currency business, you will see an overview of order metrics in all the currencies you receive orders in.

You cannot break down this report into metrics for specific emails or deliveries. If you want to view the metrics associated with a specific delivery of a message, open the relevant delivery report. Instead, you should open the relevant message or delivery report to see this information.

The Email Performance Report maintains metrics for all deliveries, even deliveries that have been deleted. If you add up the metrics on all the available delivery reports for deliveries made from a message, they may not match the totals on the message report due to the presence of metrics from deleted deliveries.

Note: Currently the metrics associated with test deliveries are not included in message reports.

An Email Performance Report contains the following tabs:

  • Overview provides a high-level view of the metrics associated with a message.
  • Deliverability contains all of the metrics related to the delivery of a message.
  • Opens provides metrics related to opens, including when and where a message is opened.
  • Clicks contains metrics related to contact engagement and individual links within the message.
  • Conversions provides a detailed look at message conversions and orders.
  • Devices provides message-level insight into what types of devices your contacts use.