Guide Me on Recommendations

Recommendations help ensure that the messages you send your contacts are targeted and relevant.

A recommendation is a list of items from your product catalog that meet a set of criteria that you define as you build a recommendation. When you use a recommendation in a message, what products best match its criteria are determined at the time a message is sent. Recommendations can be used to build highly-targeted email messages and campaigns that contain products relevant to your contacts.

Before you use can use recommendations, you will need to have a product catalog in Bronto. Check out the Guide Me on Products if you do not have a product catalog in Bronto.

If you want to use Predictive Models in Recommendations Premium, you will also need to configure your Bronto account to use Order Service to collect order data from your website. Order Service is the method Bronto uses to automatically import order data (and sometimes cart data) from your site into your Bronto account. Check out the Guide Me on Order Service to learn more.

Create a Recommendation

After you have imported a product catalog, you can start building recommendations. This guide will teach you how to build a New Arrivals recommendation so that your recommendation will only show newly added products to your catalog. After you learn how to make a New Arrivals recommendation, you can use these steps to build many different kinds of recommendations to meet your needs.

Create a Recommendation Using a Predictive Model

If you have Recommendations Premium, you can build a recommendation that uses a predictive model. Bronto predictive models use patterns of behavior related to a reference product to provide recommendation results. You can also create recommendations in Premium that do not use predictive models as well.

Add a Recommendation to Your Message

After you create your recommendations, you need to add them to your messages. This video shows you how to add a recommendation to your message using the Email Message Editor.

Test Your Recommendation Message by Sending a Test Message

To make sure the message you created uses the recommendation correctly, it is important to send a test message. Learn how to send a test message for your recommendation.