Product Import History

The Product Import History page includes a list of all the imports that have run, key metrics, and links to the product data feed file and transaction logs.

Product Import History Overview

If a product report indicates that an import has failed, then nothing in the file was processed. Failed imports are typically caused by the file having a different delimiter than indicated on the configuration page or by the file missing a product attribute value that was mapped to a field. An import may also fail due to incorrectly configured FTP or HTTP paths or bad FTP credentials.

If a product report indicates that the import was successful, then some (but not necessarily all) of the data was imported successfully. You can view the transaction log for the import to see a more detailed view of the status of individual products in the import. If no errors were found during the import, the log only contain the start and end date and times. If there were issues with an import, the information in the transaction log can be used to troubleshoot and fix errors and warnings.

Import files and transaction logs are deleted after 30 days and will not be available on Bronto after that time.