Products allows you to import product information from data feeds into Bronto.

Note: If you use a connector to import product data into Bronto, you cannot manually import product data. Therefore, all of the options related to uploading product data are disabled. You can still view product fields and search for product data.

A data feed is a file that contains all of the information about your products. If you already use a product data feed for another company, such as Google, you can leverage your existing product data files to import your product data.

The initial import of product data is a manual process using the Bronto application. However, once you've completed the initial set up and import, you can configure automatic product data feed imports. You will only need to make further changes to your product data import settings if you add new product attributes (fields) to your data feed or if there is an issue with an import.

Once you import your product data into Bronto, you can use this data in your marketing campaigns. Importing product data also reduces the amount of product information you need to import with orders to just the product's SKU.