Initial Product Data Feed Import Process

You must follow a specific process to import product data into Bronto for the first time.

To import data for the first time:

  1. Set up your product data feed.

    See Product Data Feed Set Up.

    Tip: If you already have a product data feed that meets Google’s product feed specification you can use this feed.
  2. Log into Bronto and configure your data feed format settings.

    See Configuring Your Product Feed Settings.

  3. While you're on this page, also configure your import settings if you want to automatically keep your product data updated in the future.

    See Configuring Your Product Feed Settings.

    You still need to map your fields and perform a manual import for the automatic import process to be successful.

  4. Map the product attributes in your feed to Bronto fields.

    See Map Product Fields and Product Field Descriptions.

    Note: If you want to map your products to custom fields, you will need to create the custom fields.

    See Creating a Custom Product Field.

  5. Manually start the import of your data.

    See Import a Product Feed Manually.

  6. Verify your data was imported successfully.

    See View Product Reports.