Product Data Imports

After your data feed is configured, you will need to import it into Bronto.

For more information about configuring your data feed see Product Data Feed Set Up.

Important: Your product import must contain fewer than 5 million products. If the import includes more than 5 million products, the import will fail.
Important: If you use a connector to import product data into Bronto, you cannot manually import product data. Therefore, all of the options related to uploading product data are disabled. You can still view product fields and search for product data.

There are three ways to import product data feeds into Bronto:

  • Manually import the feed in Bronto.
  • Set up an automatic import from an FTP Server or URL. For more information about how to do this see Configuring Product Automatic Import Settings.
  • Import the feed using an API call. With the API, you can either import an entire feed or import data updates for individual products.

Entire feed imports that use either an API call or the automatic import process can only occur once per day. But you can use Bronto to manually import your product data feed any time an import is not already in progress. You can also use the API to import updated data for existing products at any time.

During import, the data feed is compared to the product data stored in Bronto and any existing data that does not match the new product data feed is changed. All existing products that are not included in the new import are automatically archived. A row that has a missing ID, or doesn’t have the same number of product attributes as there are file headers, is not imported. If this product was previously imported, the existing product data is archived.

Note: When importing a delimited file, all mapped product fields are required. Failure to include a mapped field will result in the product import failing for that specific product. XML file imports do not require this.

Product data in the feed is also validated against the field and file format configuration rules. Any unspecified product attribute is considered empty and any previous value in that attribute is deleted.

You must manually import data for the first time before you can automatically import data or use API calls.

When an import completes, a notification is triggered in the application. If you configured Bronto to email you a notification, you will also receive the notification via email. After you receive a notification you can view the transaction report for more details about the success of the import. For more information about transaction reports see View Product Reports.

If you want to watch a video that walks you through how to manually import a product data feed: