Product Fields

Product fields are the Bronto terminology for product attributes. You can use product fields to store information about your products.

Bronto provides 28 predefined fields and allow you to create up to 50 more custom fields.

Before you import product data, you need to map the product attribute headings, or the tags, in your product data feed to product fields in Bronto. This ensures that your product data is imported properly. You do not have to map every product attribute in your file, but any attribute that is not mapped to a Bronto field is not imported.

For example, if you have a product Item Price, you would map Item Price to the Bronto field Price. If you do not map Item Price, then the prices for your products are not imported. If you map Item Price to the field Image URL, then the prices are not imported, and an import error will occur, because price is not a URL.

To view the list of available fields, go to the Commerce > Products page then click View Product Fields. All available fields are shown, sorted alphabetically.

In additional to product fields, Bronto provides a subset of commerce fields that are used to store revenue and sales data for products. These fields cannot be modified. See Commerce Fields for more information.