The Previewer app allows you to preview your message in a variety of situations including different email clients (inboxes), web browsers, and mobile devices. Previewer also spam tests the message and tests its links and images.

Important: Previewer is a purchased app. To buy the Previewer app, contact your account representative.

After you have purchased Previewer, you can access the app by going to Messages > All Messages, clicking on a message, then clicking the Previewer button.

After you click the button on the Email Overview page, the Previewer app opens.

Once the app is open, click Run Test on the Overview page to use the app. The Run Test button kicks off the process that:
  • creates the message previews
  • performs a spam audit of the message
  • tests the message's links and images for validity
The Previewer app automatically displays the preview and test results in a matter of minutes.

Your account is allotted a specific number of tests per month (default is 100) and each time you Run Test it is counted against that allotment. You can see the number of tests your account has and the number of tests you have used in the bottom-left corner of the page.

The functionality of Previewer is divided into four areas.


Renderings are where you can access the previews of a message. Message previews are divided into:
  • Desktop: Includes previews of what your message looks like in different desktop email clients, like Outlook. Desktop also includes plain text and color blindness previews.
  • Web: Includes previews of what your message looks like in commonly used web browsers.
  • Mobile: Includes previews of what your message looks like on all of the most popular mobile devices.

When you click on a rendering, a preview of your message as it would look in that client, browser, or device is shown in a new window. This gives you the opportunity to make sure your contacts receive a useful and well-formatted message from you, no matter how they access it.

Note: When a message includes dynamic content or tags the preview of the message does not replace the dynamic code or tags with content.

Spam Audit

Spam Audit tests your message for issues that will frequently send your message to a spam folder. This includes things like testing your message ID for patterns that are frequently used in spam. When Spam Audit detects a problem a message that describes the issue is displayed.

Link Audit

Link Audit checks the links in the message to make sure each link is valid and properly formatted. When it detects a link is bad, the link is given an Invalid status. If there is a formatting issue, a message that explains the issue is displayed.

Image Audit

Image Audit checks that the images in your message are properly formatted. Image Audit expects images to be less than 30 K.