Orders Page

The Orders page allows you to search through and view the orders in your account. You can access the Orders page from the Commerce > Orders menu.

From the Orders page you can search your account for order data based either on a contact's ID, email address, an order number, or a date range. This allows you to dig deeper into the conversion metrics for your messages. For example, if you see a contact conversion on a Delivery report, you can then search for that contact's ID on the Orders page to see what other types of items the customer has bought. Looking up order data for several customers who converted on the same item can reveal patterns in purchasing behavior that allow you to better segment contacts and target your marketing campaigns. If you search by Order ID, you can view the specifics of that order and use the information to troubleshoot questions or concerns.

After you have search results, click on any Order ID to view the Order Details. The left side of the Order Details is a receipt that includes order data relevant to the entire order. The right side of the Order Details is an itemized list of each product in the order. If an order has a large number of products, the list of products can be scrolled independently from the rest of the page.

Orders Page With Results