Guide Me on Order Service

Order Service is the back-end service Bronto uses to automatically pass order data from your site into your Bronto account. Some Order Service implementations can also be used to pass cart data. If you want to leverage our newest, and upcoming, offerings your account needs to have Order Service.

There are different paths you can take to implementation Order Service.

Learn Your Current Bronto Order Settings

Before you decide which path to take, you need to know if Order Service is available in your account. Some older accounts that previously used Legacy Conversion Tracking may not have Order Service available to them without assistance from customer support. You can check if Order Service is enabled by going to Settings > Platform Settings > Commerce. If Order Service is enabled, you will see the text Status: Order Service is enabled.

If your account:
  • Uses a connector, go to the next section.
  • Has Order Service but you do not use a connector, skip the next section.
  • Does not have Order Service, skip to the Legacy Conversion Tracking section.

I Use Shopify, NetSuite, Magento, or Salesforce Commerce Cloud

If you use one of these partners, you can use a Bronto connector to pass order data using Order Service.

I HAVE Order Service But Do NOT Use a Listed Partner

If you do not use a partner, you can implement Order Service using either a JSON object or JavaScript snippet implementation. The primary difference between the two implementations is the JavaScript snippet cannot collect and pass cart data.

Do you need to collect and pass cart data to Bronto?

I Use Legacy Conversion Tracking

If you use Legacy Conversion Tracking you will need to work with Bronto to migrate your existing data to Order Service.