New Reports' Types

Bronto provides an opportunity to examine metrics from a variety of angles by offering the ability to view the same metrics in different types of reports.

Currently New Reports has six report types: an Email Performance report, message reports, delivery reports, A/B Split reports, list reports, and segment reports. Metrics for each of these reports are broken up into different tabs, with the metrics in each tab targeted on a different area. These tabs are (mostly) the same across reports and contain the same metrics no matter what type of report you're looking at. Each report type gives the metrics a different context.

For example, all reports have the Overview tab with the same sends, clicks, conversion, etc. metrics in it. The definition of the click metric is the same no matter what type of report it is viewed on. But when you view a message report, the clicks metric is the total number of clicks for that message across all deliveries of the message.

Your report will only include data for events that occur in the selected data range. For example, a Message Report will only include send, open or click data if send, open, or click events occurred within your specified date range. It is possible to have zero sends or deliveries, while still seeing opens, clicks, etc. since the sends may not have occurred in your selected date range.

Therefore, to get the most out of reports you need to understand how a metric is calculated, what it means, and consider it in the context of the report type you're viewing.