New Reports' Tabs

A report tab is an area of a report that contains a collection of metrics that relate to each other.

You can access a report tab by opening a report and clicking one of the a tab headings near the top of the report.

These tabs are (mostly) the same across reports and contain the same metrics no matter what type of report you're looking at. Any report-level differences on a tab are noted in the help topic.

It's important to keep in mind that while the metrics are the same across report types, the context of the metric is specific to the type of report. For example, the definition of the open metric is the same no matter what type of report it is viewed on. But when you view a message report, the open metric is the total number of opens for that message across all deliveries of the message. When you view the opens metric on a delivery report, the opens metric is the total number of opens for just that delivery. Etc. Therefore, to get the most out of reports you need to understand how a metric is calculated, what it means, and consider it in the context of the report type you're viewing.

Click on the links below to learn more about each report tab.