Message Testing Program

Continuous testing (and retesting) is the only way to maximize your email marketing investment. Here are a few thoughts about setting up a basic testing program.

  • List Selection: First, you need to select a seed list, a list of email addresses that you can use as a test before sending the message to all customers. We recommend picking a list that you send messages to regularly that has a baseline of tracking information that you can use for comparison when testing.
  • Establish A Baseline: Compare the tracking metrics for recent deliveries sent to your chosen list. Note the time each message was sent, the day, content, and subject line.
  • Build Test Segments: Use A/B splits to set up your test segments. The application can randomly deliver two (or more) versions of the same delivery to random contacts on the list.
  • Compose And Send The Message: Take special care to change only one element at a time so that you are able to isolate cause and effect.
  • Evaluate Results: Access tracking reports for each message and compare. Hopefully you notice variation in your results right away. If so, great! Start looking for a trend. Take the best performing version and keep testing.

If you don't see any changes, don't get discouraged. Perhaps the variation in the two versions was not significant enough to yield different results. Perhaps you need to continue to run a similar test over a course of a few deliveries to assess the outcome. Whatever the case may be, the beauty of email marketing is the ability to track progress. With a little time and creativity, you should be able to find what works best for you.