Email Orders Metric

The Email Orders metric represents the number of orders made for a particular message, delivery, A/B split test, automated message rule, or delivery group.

What Does The Email Orders Metric Represent?

The Email Orders metric represents orders made from emails you sent from the application. These orders are the result of a contact clicking through an email you sent them and then placing an order. These orders have specific emails sent from the application associated with them. When a contact places an order as a result of being sent an email, a conversion is recorded. From a single conversion, multiple orders can be made. It is possible to have more orders than conversions. For example, if a contact clicks from an email to your site, purchases a shirt, and then also decides to purchase a hat, that could represent 2 orders made from 1 conversion.

Why Is The Email Orders Metric Important?

The Email Orders metrics is important because it allows you to see the number of orders directly tied to your email marketing efforts. Because a contact clicked though an email you sent them from the application, we are able to associate that order with a specific delivery and contact.

How Is The Email Orders Metric Calculated?

Total Orders minus Other Orders = Email Orders

Tip: For more information on how the Orders Service works and how to set it up, see Configuring Order Data Settings.