Operating System Metric

The operating system metric represents the operating system used by a contact.

What Does The Operating System Metric Represent?

The operating system (mobile or desktop) used by a contact (Mac OSX, Windows XP, Win7, Android, iOS, etc.)

Why Is The Operating System Metric Important?

Knowing a contact's operating system can allow you to target your messages based the type of operating system a contact is using.
Tip: You can create segments based on the operating system data stored for contacts in your account. For more information on how to create segments based on operating system data, see Create A Segment Based On The Operating System Used By Contacts.

How Is The Operating System Metric Calculated?

The operating system metric recorded for a contact is based on the mode of operating systems used by the contact.
Tip: The mode is the value (in this case, an operating system) that occurs most frequently in a data set.