Delivery Recipient Reports

A delivery recipient report contains all of the metrics associated with an individual delivery sent to a specific list or segment.

On a delivery recipient report, you can view when, from whom, and to whom the delivery was sent, as well as the subject line and type of delivery.

To access a delivery recipient report
  1. Go to Messages > Deliveries.
  2. Click a report icon in the Deliveries table to open a delivery report.
  3. In the tab banner, click the information next to Showing Metrics For:.

    A new window opens.

  4. Click the recipient name.

    The delivery recipient report is displayed.

Each tab at the top of a delivery recipient report provides a different set of metrics:
On the Overview page of the report, there is a section of information that provides details about the delivery including delivery type, sending details, and recipient details.
Note: If the data associated with the delivery is past the Data Retention period for your account, you will not be able to view the recipients for a delivery. Instead you may see Recipients: Unavailable or Recipients: . For more information about the Data Retention Period, see Data Retention Policy.
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