Clicks Metric

The clicks metric represents the unique clicks per contact.

What Does The Clicks Metric Represent?

The clicks metric is a per contact metric that represents the unique clicks recorded. A unique click is recorded the first time a contact clicks any link contained in an email you send them. If a contact clicks a link 9 times, 1 unique click will be recorded. If 2 contacts each click a link 10 times, then 2 clicks will be recorded. If a single contact clicks 5 different links, than 1 unique click is recorded and 1 would appear under the clicks metric. DMA/EEC equivalent: Click Through

Note: The clicks metric is not the same as the total clicks metric. For more information on the total clicks metric and how it is calculated, see Total Clicks Metric in help.

Why Is The Clicks Metric Important?

The clicks metric is important because it represents a level of contact engagement beyond just opens, and begins to highlight the effectiveness of the content contained in your emails. With clicks, you can tell how many contacts were interested enough to open and then click the links contained in the email you sent them.

Tip: If you notice a high number of opens and a low number of clicks, then chances are issues with your email's content that is keeping contacts from doing anything beyond just opening the email.

How Is The Clicks Metric Calculated?

The clicks metric is a total of all the unique clicks recorded.