Bounce Rate Metric

The bounce rate metric represents the percentage of bounces that occurred.

What Does The Bounce Rate Metric Represent?

The bounce rate indicates the percentage of bounces (as compared to the number delivered) recorded for a particular message, delivery, A/B split test, automated message rule, or delivery group.
Tip: For more information on the bounce classification system, see Email Bounce.

Why Is The Bounce Rate Metric Important?

The bounce rate metric is important because it gives you an idea of how your message is performing from a deliverability perspective. If the bounce rate is high, your sender/delivery rating will be negatively affected and contacts may not be receiving your message. The bounce rate rolls up all the types of bounces into one percentage. To determine what type of bounce occurred, you can view the following metrics which further classify and explain bounces:
Tip: For more information on bounces and how we classify them, see Email Bounce.

How Is The Bounce Rate Metric Calculated?

(Bounces/Sent) * 100 = Bounce Rate