Bad Email Address Metric

The bad email address metric represents the number of sent messages that were not delivered due to bad email address bounces.

What Does The Bad Email Address Metric Represent?

The bad email address bounce type means that the email server in question has indicated that this is not a valid account. Whether the contact has left that host, had a typo in their registration, or simply made up the email address cannot be discerned from this message.
Tip: For more information on the bounce classification system, see Email Bounce.

Why Is The Bad Email Address Metric Important?

The bad email address metric is important because it clarifies why contacts cannot be delivered to. If you are seeing a lot of bad email address bounces, you need to review your contact gathering mechanisms. Are you forcing people to provide an email address? Contacts may just be making something up to get through the form. Or, perhaps the demographic you are appealing to is more likely to not want to give out their real email address. If so, you may want to tempt them to give a real address by telling them that you will send a coupon, more information, or a link they need to click to verify their account. It all really depends on how bad you want their email address. If you aren't going to validate addresses in some way, then you probably shouldn't require people to give you their email address.

Tip: For more information on hard bounces, see Email Bounce.

How Is The Bad Email Address Metric Calculated?

The Bad Email Address metric is a total of the bounces that were classified as bounces due to a bad email address.