Average Opens Metric

The average opens metric represents the average number of times an email was opened.

What Does The Average Opens Metric Represent?

The average opens metric represents the average number of times emails you sent were opened. For example, if 20 total opens and 5 emails are recorded, then the average opens would be 4.
Note: Total opens and opens are not the same metric. For more information on what each metric means, see Total Opens Metric and Opens Metric.

Why Is The Average Opens Metric Important?

The average opens metric is important because it represents an initial level of average interaction with emails you send. It can also signify that the subject line is effective and the from name is trusted.

Note: While average opens can give you a sense of the relative effectiveness of your subject line and from name, it can be skewed if there is a big difference in the total opens and opens. If you notice a high total opens number and a significantly lower opens number, then your email probably isn't getting opened by as many individual contacts as it could be.
Tip: To determine how effective the average opens number really is, look deeper into the report and view the average opens metric in comparison to clicks. If your average opens number is really high and you still aren't seeing many clicks, then something might be wrong with the content of the email.

How Is The Average Opens Metric Calculated?

Total Opens / Opens = Average Opens