Email Replies

Email replies are emails sent from your contacts in response to email messages you send them.

Depending on the nature of the email messages you are sending, email replies can be an important metric. For instance, a personalized email message sent from your sales team should solicit email replies. Also, email message replies sometimes get caught in spam filters or junk folders. By aggregating email replies, we ensure that you have easy access to email messages from your contacts.

On the Email Replies page, you can view all of the email replies that you have received. Replies stored in Bronto are subject to the data retention policy and will expire based on the data retention period for your account. See Data Retention Policy for more information. In order to track email replies, you need to Enable Sender Authentication when sending email messages. Enabling Sender Authentication automatically encodes an email message with SenderID and DomainKeys/DKIM. To enable Sender Authentication, click the Enable Sender Authentication box when sending an email message. If you are sending personalized email messages, or if you are sending B2C marketing email, then you should certainly consider using DomainKeys.

For more information on configuring the email replies settings in your account, see Reply Tracking.