Gmail Annotations

A Gmail annotation lets you include images, deals, expiration dates, and other offers with your marketing email to help engage contacts. You can only use Gmail Annotations with the Email Message Editor.

The annotation is an enriched preview of the email to drive action uses all information from within the body of the email. All marketing email that lands in the promotions tab has the opportunity to be populated in the top bundle. The annotation allows you to take advantage of having additional space, an enriched preview, and your annotated logo in the Primary Tab Teaser.

However, for a contact to see an annotation with your message, they must:
  • Have the Gmail mobile app installed for Android or iOS
  • Have the Promotions tab enabled
  • Have images set to Always Show
  • Have Conversation View enabled
  • Have bundling of top emails enabled
Even if a contact has all of these settings, there is no guarantee that they will see your annotation. Annotation visibility depends on the quality of the email, sender reputation, and the contact's prior engagement with the brand. If a contact is already opening 100% of your messages, there is no reason to offer an annotation if we can predict they will open it anyway.
Before using Gmail Annotation, you need to be aware that:
  • Not all messages will be considered promotional.
  • All promotional messages are eligible to be bundled.
  • Not all subscribers will see the same display in their inbox.
  • Testing can be inconsistent.

Messages with a Gmail annotation can still be sent to non-Gmail email addresses. The Gmail annotation will just be ignored.

Gmail annotations best practices