Message Personalization

Bronto provides several ways you can personalization messages for specific contacts, or groups of contacts, in order to improve the success of your marketing campaigns.

Using message personalization to target your marketing campaigns is the best and most efficient way to improve your ROI. There are two methods you can use to personalize Bronto messages:

  • Dynamic Content allows you to apply conditional logic to content in a message. When a contact is sent a message with dynamic content, Bronto checks to see if the contact meets the criteria you specified. If they do, they will see the dynamic content. If the contact doesn't meet to conditional logic, they will not see it. Dynamic content is useful when you want to have different versions of a message for groups of contacts. For example you can use this to provide contacts on a loyal-customer segment a special discount that contacts not on this segment would not see in the message.
  • Message Tags allow you to create a placeholder that will be replaced by the associated content specific to a contact. This placeholder could represent something about the contact, such as their name, or something about a product or order, such as an image or shipping date. There are several types of message tags and each one relates to a different type of information in Bronto's database.

Generally, you can think of dynamic content as targeting groups of contacts and message tags as targeting individual contacts. If you want groups of contacts to see different sales items in an email based on known preferences, you would use dynamic content. If you want contacts to see different sales items in an email based on items that were left in their carts, you would use cart/order message tags.