Campaigns is a feature that provides the ability to organize, track, and manage Bronto messages based on your marketing campaigns.

An individual campaign is a specific, self-defined series of messages that align with your email marketing strategy. For example, when you run a holiday marketing campaign all messages sent as part of that should be added to the same Bronto campaign.

All deliveries sent from your account will need to have an associated campaign.

To view your campaigns, go to Reports > Campaigns.

Campaigns Page

Grouping messages and deliveries into campaigns allows you to segment, automate, and report based on how you choose to group content in Bronto. Working with campaigns is easy. You simply create a campaign and assign it a type that reflects its intent. Then, as you design messages or schedule deliveries, you can add these to your campaign. As metrics are collected for items in a campaign they are added to the Campaign's Overview page and you can use your newly created campaign in both the workflow and segment builders.

A message and/or a delivery can only be associated with a single campaign. If you change the campaign a message is associated with, any metrics that are collected from future deliveries will be associated with the new campaign. Any metrics that were already collected will be not be rolled over to the new campaign. Instead they will continue to be reported as part of the message's previous campaign.