A/B-Winner Splits

You can use an A/B winner split test to automatically send the most successful message.

An A/B Winner split test involves testing messages with two or more groups to see which is most effective. After a set period of time, a winner is chosen based on preselected criteria, such as highest open rate or highest number of clicks. After the winner is selected, the winning message is sent to the remainder of your targeted contacts.

Note: The time set for the winner of a test is the time the winner is selected and Bronto begins delivery preparation. Delivery prep involves determining who should receive the message and what version of the content they should receive. This includes things like refreshing segments and identifying content to replace message tags, so the winning message will not send at the exact time you selected. How long delivery prep takes can vary depending on the size of the send and the complexity of the message. If it is important that the message is sent by a specific time, we suggest scheduling the winner selection 30-60 minutes before it should be sent.
For an example, let's say you create two groups, A and B. Each group is made up of 20 percent of your targeted contacts. The messages you send each group has different subject lines.
  • Group A gets the subject line "Act Now! 25% Sale Ends Tomorrow"
  • Group B receives the "25% Off Sale Extended Through Tomorrow" subject line.

You select Highest Open Rate as the winning criteria and the messages are sent out at 11:00 AM. You then set the winner to be sent at 2:00 PM. If at 2:00 PM, Group A has a higher open rate then Group B, the remaining 60% of the targeted contacts will be sent a message with the Group A subject line "Act Now! 25% Sale Ends Tomorrow".