Champion/Challenger A/B Splits

Champion/Challenger test are similar to A/B-Winner tests, the difference being that you don't have a winner group. In this type of test, you have an established way of doing something, called the Champion, and you want to test if it is still the best by introducing a Challenger. An example of this is testing a new template design or header image compared to your current standard. When creating a Champion/Challenger split, it is common to send most of your contacts the champion, while setting aside a smaller portion for the challenger. Once the test is run, there is no winner group who receives a message, but you do have a good idea about whether or not your champion is as good as you thought it was.

For example, let's say you have a newsletter that you always send out which uses the name of each contact's account manager as the From name. A snappy new person in your marketing team thinks that it would resonate better coming from the company name. You can easily set aside 10% of your next delivery to receive a message with your company name as the From name in the message. Then, when you go to check your reports, you can compare results to see how good that idea really was.

Note: If you are performing your test on the Date and Time of Send, you will only be able to choose Champion/Challenger for your A/B split test type.