Oracle Bronto Affiliates and Subcontractors That May Process Personal Data

The following third-party subprocessors may process Personal Data. Additional subprocessors may be used to deliver services on a project by project basis. To request this information to be included in your applicable order for services, please contact your Oracle NetSuite sales representative.

Subprocessor Name Incorporation Location Service Description
250ok LLC United States 250ok provides email analytics and deliverability tools.
Akamai Technologies, Inc United States Akamai provides a global content delivery network and DDOS services.
Twilio Inc. United States The Twilio service is utilized to deliver SMS alerts and notifications.

Oracle Affiliates that may process Personal Data can be found here:

The information is subject to change at Oracle's discretion; however, any such changes will not reduce Oracle’s data privacy and security related obligations as defined in your order documents during the Services Period. The relevant agreement(s) between you and Oracle determine the scope of services provided and the related legal terms, including Oracle’s policies and practices with respect to its affiliates and subprocessors and the parties’ respective roles for the processing and control of personal information that customers provide to Oracle as part of the Cloud Services.