Using a JSON Object to Pass Order Data for Cart Recovery

You can construct a JSON object and add it to your site in order to use Order Service with Cart Recovery to pass cart and order data to Bronto.

About this task

In order to do this, you will need to work with the code for your site. This includes adding code provided by Bronto to your site and finding jQuery selectors and JSON objects in your site code in order to map them to the appropriate Bronto values.
Note: Execute this task when updating existing implementations. For new implementations, use the JavaScript code sample.


  1. Add the Script Manager code to your site. Once you add the code to your site, Bronto can track and receive data from your site. However, Bronto will not know how to recognize or manage different items on your site until you complete the rest of the commerce configuration.
  2. Construct a JSON Object and add it to every page on your site that captures cart or order data.
  3. Configure your Order Settings. The order settings tell Bronto how to manage the data as it comes in from your site.
  4. Set up your storefront, which includes:
    1. Mapping Bronto cart phases to jQuery selectors on your site. Cart phases represent different stages in the checkout process. Mapping the cart phases lets Bronto recognize when different workflows should be triggered based on a change to a cart or order's status.
    2. Setting up your cart view. The critical step in setting up your cart view is mapping Bronto cart selectors to objects on your site. Cart selectors are used to identify objects on your site that represent specific shopping cart items. Once mapped, Bronto is able to collect the detailed information about a cart or order, such as a shopping cart's subtotal, the order ID, or a product name. There are two ways you can map cart selectors:
    3. Defining Email Capture Points. This allows Bronto to capture email addresses entered by a shopper on a commerce website in order to send Cart Is Abandoned emails to that email address.


After you have completed all of these steps, Bronto can identify and capture cart and order data for contacts that have placed items in shopping carts, even when they have not completed their orders. You can use the cart and order data captured by Bronto to perform the following tasks: