Salesforce Connection

Salesforce is a leading provider of on-demand customer relationship management (CRM) services.

Attention: The Salesforce Connection tool is deprecated and no longer functional. To import your Salesforce CRM data to Bronto, you can manually Import Contacts and Data, automate the process in Data Loader, or use the SOAP API to develop a custom solution.

Salesforce customers can leverage the application's Salesforce connection to import contacts, including custom fields, directly from your custom Salesforce reports. This process will save time and ensure data synchronization.

The Salesforce Connection works by allowing you to import contacts and data from a Salesforce report. Once you have the Salesforce Connection enabled and configured, you will see a new import option, Import from a Salesforce report. When performing a contact import in the application (go to Contacts > Manage then click Import), you will be able to choose to import your contacts from a Salesforce report.

The application will use the salesforce user name and login information you added on the Salesforce Connections page to access your Salesforce account. A pull-down menu will be populated with all of the reports available in your Salesforce account.

From here, you can select a specific report and continue along with the import process. You can use the data contained in Salesforce reports to create new lists and segments based on your existing Salesforce data.

Note: Enabling this connection has no impact on your Salesforce account, but does require the Salesforce API.
Tip: For more information on importing contacts contained in Salesforce reports, see Importing a Salesforce Report.