Pontiflex Connection

Pontiflex provides a leading signup advertising platform for ecommerce companies and nonprofit organizations.

The Pontiflex connection makes it easy to transfer contact data from Pontiflex to the application and to trigger real-time welcome messages to new subscribers. Using Pontiflex, you can run sign-up ads within mobile apps and websites, and accelerate the growth of your house file with brand-specific, new-to-file confirmed opt-ins.

The Pontiflex connection uses the standard Direct Import functionality to upload a list of contacts and their corresponding data into the application. If the contacts already exist in the application, then they are not added. All you need to do to setup the Pontiflex integration is provide data from your account to Pontiflex. They will need the following data:
  • user_id
  • site name
  • list ID
  • field names Optional

To trigger a welcome email to your new signups, you will need to supply Pontiflex with a message ID and the From email (delivery address the message should appear to come from).