Omniture Connection

Omniture Site Catalyst provides marketers with actionable, real-time intelligence about online strategies and marketing initiatives.

Through a data connection with Omniture, you will be able to remarket to contacts based on website interactions, while also enriching your Omniture reporting. In Bronto you will gain access to Omniture segment data within both Message Reports and the segment tool. This provides you with the ability to identify contacts who have converted, viewed products, or abandoned products (depending on your Omniture segment selection). In Omniture, you will see crucial email marketing metrics offered alongside the existing reporting information. This gives you a beginning to end view of your email marketing efforts all in one place. Please note that this connection requires a subscription to Omniture Site Catalyst, as well as their Genesis platform.

Once enabled, we will append several tracking parameters onto all links within the emails you send out. These parameters identify the delivery and contact with every click. This allows Omniture to track and deliver precise marketing information to you. It doesn't stop there. Every night, Bronto connects to Omniture and passes over information about recent deliveries, including all crucial details, such as sent, delivered, bounced, unsubscribes, open and clicks. In return, Omniture passes back detailed segment information that is collected on your website.

Warning: If the URLs in your messages contain parameters that are the same as the parameters being added by the Omniture connection, we will replace the existing parameters with the Omniture parameters. This could potentially break the existing functionality of the links, so please be mindful of the parameters being added via the Omniture connection and the parameters that already exist in your URLs.
Warning: Product names from Omniture containing greater than 250 characters will be truncated when they are passed to the application. For greater usability in the application, we suggest you limit product names in Omniture to less than 250 characters.

Access To The Web Analytics Tab

With this connection enabled, you will now gain access to the Web Analytics tab within Message Reports. This tab provides a listing of products associated with the Omniture segments you have selected for the connection. From here you can create lists within Bronto from this data.

Additional Segment Criteria

You will find that Bronto's segments have an additional option of Converted via Omniture. This option allows you to identify people by the product and segment data passed over from Omniture.

Tip: For more information on using the Converted Via Omniture segment criterion, see Create A Segment Based On Contacts Who Converted Via An Omniture Segment.

Your Reporting Data In Omniture

Within Omniture, you will be able to track email marketing metrics within their powerful reporting tool. From this, you can better understand how email marketing is impacting website activity and online sales.

As you can see, you not only get raw email marketing metrics, but you can actually map revenue to individual email marketing efforts. Whether looking at the hard numbers or Omniture graphical views, you will easily be able to prove the value of your email marketing efforts.