Custom Web Analytics Connection

The Custom Web Analytics Connection provides you with insight into the effects of traffic that was driven to your site via email marketing, as well as how effective that traffic was at reaching your marketing goals.

Data can be sliced and diced at deeper levels, including link information and even custom field information for your contacts. This connection opens the door to post-click marketing analysis for increased ROI. While the application does have connections in place for several specific web analytics tools, this connection allows you to provide custom URL parameters on your URLs. This allows for a one-way connection with almost any web analytics platform.

Once enabled, we will append several tracking parameters onto all URLs within the emails you send out. These parameters provide information about your marketing efforts with every click, thus allowing your web analytics tool to track and deliver analytics information to you.

Warning: If the URLs in your messages contain parameters that are the same as the parameters being added by the Custom Analytics connection, we will replace the existing parameters with the Custom Analytics parameters. This could potentially break the existing functionality of the link, so please be mindful of the parameters being added via the Custom Analytics connection and the parameters that already exist in your URLs.

The parameters are added to the end of the URL after we log the click, just as we are redirecting the contact on to their final destination. The difference in the URLs is illustrated below:

Non-tracked URL:

Tracked URL:

Within your web analytics tool, you will now be able to track the actions of the contacts that click through from messages you send. From this data, you can better understand how email marketing is impacting website activity and online sales. You will also be able to more easily identify goals reached by visitors who originated from your messages. You can further analyze these results based off of more detailed information from your messages, such as which link they clicked or which subject they received (in the case of an A/B split).