Baynote Connection

Baynote provides product recommendations based off of general customer behavior in relation to other products.

If you are a Baynote Recommendations user, then you will be able integrate recommendations directly into your emails with point and click simplicity. This will open up cross-sell and up-sell opportunities within your existing email marketing communications by leveraging your Baynote Recommendation catalogs. Don't just recommend products on your site, drive increased ROI in your emails too. We have provided an intuitive point and click tool to create and manage recommended items within marketing, as well as automated, email marketing messages sent through the application.

After you have setup the Baynote connection on the Baynote Connections page (located at Settings > Integrations > Partner Tools), you will see a new button in the WYSIWYG editor for adding a Baynote Recommendation. Clicking this button will reveal a point-and-click tool for creating Baynote Recommendation images within your email.

The images generated by this tool will include several different elements. Generally, these elements will be an image of the product being recommended, a price for that product, and a description of that product. All of those pieces will be shown within your email as one image; due to the restrictions of emails, they must be rendered as an image.

The exact data that is shown within the recommendation is determined by the attributes that you specify when configuring the connection. This is limited only by the data that is maintained within your Baynote account. Take some time to determine what is the best fit for your marketing efforts.

Baynote Connection Setup

Product URLs are used to control which recommendations appear in your emails. You can also choose to show multiple recommendations for any product, not just the top recommendation.

Using different Baynote Recommendation Guides allows you to control the type of recommendation being displayed, (for example, complimentary vs. competitive recommendations). In a marketing email, you may want to show competitive product recommendations to highlight the diversity of your offerings, whereas in a receipt email, you may want show complimentary products to incentivize an up-sell.

The images that are shown to your contacts are generated in real-time. This means that they may see different recommendations as visitor behavior on your site changes. All information used to generate these images is managed by Baynote Recommendations.

The last item to note is that all images generated by this connection tool will automatically link to the recommended item. This link goes to Baynote, which redirects the contact to the appropriately recommended item based on the same parameters as the image. All of this is created for you automatically when you use the image build tool within the WYSIWYG editor.

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