Commerce Settings

The Commerce Settings page provides settings that can be used to set up Order Service in order to capture cart and order data.

Order Service is the method Bronto uses to automatically import order data (and sometimes cart data) from your site into your Bronto account. If you want to leverage our newest, and upcoming, offerings you will need to implement Order Service. There are a few paths you can use to get on Order Service:
  1. If, in the past, you have set up Legacy Conversion Tracking you will need to work with Bronto to Migrating from Legacy Conversion Tracking to Order Service.
  2. When you use a Bronto connector you can set it up to automatically pass order data.
  3. You can use some of the settings in this page to Using a JSON Object to Pass Order Data for Cart Recovery.
  4. You can use different settings on this page to use JavaScript code to pass order data.
If you want to pass cart data in addition to order data, you will need to use the JSON object method. If you do not, you can use the JavaScript code method.

No matter which method you use to set up Order Service, you should also use Data Loader to manually import your order data. This ensures that all of your order data is collected by Bronto; Order Service alone typically collects 90% of your order data.