Direct Update

Direct Update allows you to update a contact's field data and mobile number when they visit a page on your website via an email you send from the application.

You can add or subtract from numerical values, as well as set any field to a specific value. This allows you to easily keep contact data and subscription information up to date without manually importing or updating data.

Direct Update works by specifying a field you want to change, how you want to change it (the operation), and a specific data value. This is accomplished by adding parameters to a URL contained in an image tag in the following format:
Warning: If you are using a private domain, Direct Update cookies will be set after a contact clicks a link and before the contact is redirected to your customer site. The following actions should be avoided in order to ensure that Direct Update will work properly:
  • Changing the domain in the Direct Update img tag src attribute.
  • Changing the URL in the Direct Update img tag src attribute to use https if you do not have a https license for your sending domain (Example: Changing this URL to https will cause Direct Update to no longer work without a SSL certificate. Learn how to work with Bronto to set up a SSL certificate.

There are number of ways you can update contact information (the information you store in fields) in your account. An alternative to Direct Update is to use a Manage Preferences webform to let contacts update their information. . For information on using Direct Add and a Manage Preferences webform to add contacts and simultaneously allow them to choose their preferences, see Direct Add.

Warning: When using Direct Update, your URLs should be less than 2,000 characters.