Direct Import

Direct import allows you to programmatically import contacts contained in a .csv file into the platform by posting a form with various parameters.

For example, if you have a .csv file containing a group of contacts that you want to add to Bronto, you can upload these contacts via a form without having to log in. These contacts can be added to a specific list and their data can be mapped to corresponding contact fields in your account. Direct import supports the use of commas and tabs as delimiters and embedded quotes must be escaped.

At a really high level, direct import works the same as the regular import process in the platform. The difference between direct import and the regular import feature is that you don't actually have to be logged into your account to import contacts via direct import. At a more detailed level, direct import takes parameters specific to your account, uses those parameters to access your account, parses the file you are importing, and then adds the contact data contained in the file to your account.