The Activities page displays active application processes.

These processes are divided into currently running processes, Activities, and processes that are scheduled, Recurring. Processes shown on this page include things like running reports, contact imports, list cleaning, delivery group exports, and segment refreshes. When you make a system request, each activity is completed in the order it was requested. Therefore, if you have several activities running it might take some time for all of the requests to complete.

The Activities table lists one-time processes that are currently running. The table shows you the time the process kicked-off, what percentage of the process has completed, and the estimated amount of time that is left before the process completes.

The Recurring tables lists all of the processes that are scheduled to run. This table also shows the frequency which the process is run, and the next date and time the process will kick-off. If a scheduled process is currently running, the process appears in both tables.
Table 1. Recurring Activities Actions
Action Description
Edit Click the pencil icon () to edit a recurring activity. You can change the recipients, note, and schedule.
Delete Click the delete icon () to remove a recurring activity and prevent it from running again in the future. You will need to confirm your selection before the activity is deleted.
Activities Page

You can use the Activities page to see if a process you started is running and how much longer it might take to complete.