Get Started With Bronto

Get oriented to the robust flexibility of Bronto.

The Bronto Marketing Platform (BMP) helps you deliver timely, relevant, data-driven digital marketing that fuels engagement throughout the customer life-cycle and drives more revenue. To get started with Bronto, you will need to import valid contacts and design messages you can send to those contacts. It doesn't matter if you start by designing messages, or start by importing contacts, or even have a team tackle both at once. Contact management and message management are independent of each other until you start using contact data in messages, scheduling (sending) messages, or targeting message design for a particular audience using segments or lists. Then, once you have your contacts and messages, you can start sending messages and using reporting to monitor your success.

The Bronto Knowledge Base covers everything you need to know about working with BMP. The topics in this section help you understand the general concepts related to contacts, email messages, sending, automation, and reporting, and provide links to the topics that contain details of working in each of these areas.